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SnowMover 2.0 Featured on Gear Patrol

Your standard $3 snowbrush can’t seem to bear much load, making it tough to clean off your car without snapping it into plasticky bits. So when time (and avoidance of “snow elbow”) are of the essence, you just might want to give the Innovation Factory Snowmover 2.0 ($24) a go at the white stuff. Made in America and guaranteed for life, the Snowmover 2.0 is essentially a miniature personal snowplow with an ergonomic saw-grip handle that makes it easier to provide the oomph required for moving large amounts of snow. Combined with the included fat plow head, extendable arm, ice scraper and specially designed snow broom with rubber whiskers for gliding over uneven surfaces, it’s a winter driver’s essential that should also...

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The SnowMover 2.0--Not Just a Tool for Men

The SnowMover 2.0 is the world’s first personal snow plow.  It has been specifically designed to remove deep snow from your car (or whatever vehicle you choose to drive) and all the surrounding areas.  This multi-tool combines a plow, ice scraper, a special snow broom , and above all, saw-grip handles for removing snow from the roof of your car.   The dense rubber bristles, located under the forward lip of the plow, can be used to whisk away any snow debris from the surface of the vehicle, including the window glass. Lastly, the Snowmover is ergonomically designed to work with the body’s natural motion which allows for a much easier snow moving experience. Read the full review.

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