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BookofJoe talks about the Ice Dozer

Oversized blade, front plow, not one but two sets of ice–cracking teeth that pulverize ice, ergonomic handles — be still my heart. And that breathtaking phrase: "a de–icing debacle." That one's gonna be trotted out regularly this winter, tell you what.  Every year I have to buy a new ice scraper because the one I used last winter's cracked or broken or some such thing. Read the rest of the post on

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Oh Gizmo loves the Ice Dozer

Just yesterday, I swear I saw some snowflakes. So that’s it, this year, I ain’t buyin no crappy, flimsy cheap plastic windshield scraper that leaves me in the cold, chipping away at the ice for hours. Read the rest of post on

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Ice Dozer Featured on Gizmodo

Put those puny ice scrapers down and pick up the Ice Dozer. This thing will turn your windshield into its own personal fighting arena going toe-to-toe with that ice and eventually making it weep in pain and agony. Read the post on

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Overdrive Online

I normally don’t use this blog to talk about a product, but it’s hard to ignore a tool marketed to truckers that has captured the attention of zombie enthusiasts as well...

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Write up from the Denver Post

Innovation manufactures (in the U.S., no less) a multi-tool it calls the Trucker’s Friend™. It’s a curved-blade hand ax, a little over 19 inches long, with notches and grippers and pryers and lifters and a hammer head. It’s billed for use in search-and-rescue, on campouts and hikes, for firefighters and construction crews. It’s useful for pulling on tire chains, chopping brush or firewood, prying out nails. But also zombies. Read the rest on

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