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Trucker's Friend Reviewed on Gadget Explained

Trucker's Friend Reviewed on Gadget Explained

The Trucker's Friend was recently reviewed on Gadget Explained.  They're an awesome blog that shows how old technologies are constantly being re-invented in innovative ways (something we know a little bit about...).  They put the Trucker's Friend through the wringer, and here's what they had to say:

"The Trucker's Friend is a quality USA made product that is made to last a lifetime. It is a handy and versatile tool for general use around the home, camping or in an emergency involving a car accident. The Trucker’s Friend is a hatchet, axe, claw hammer, and pry bar all in one very lightweight handy tool. It's easy to hold onto and safe to carry around thanks to the plastic blade cover. Great multi-use tool to have in an emergency and it’s a serious tool for serious jobs. The Trucker’s Friend is made with heat treated steel so the blade can be sharpened. The Trucker’s Friend lifetime no hassle guarantee gives real confidence buying this product."

Check out the full review (with pictures) here.

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