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Lil Trucker - Making it in America - at Last

After reaching out to literally hundreds of USA manufacturers, and multiple design iterations, we finally have a solution for making the Lil Trucker. The prime contractor will be Bear Valley Precision Casting, in (very scenic) Parowan, Utah. Here's a photo of myself along with the CEO of Bear Valley, Jared Meibos.

Marvin and Jared at Bear Valley Casting

Meanwhile, the LT, as seen below, has been redesigned to make it a better product as well as more affordable to manufacture in the USA. 

Here then are the new features/changes:

  • All steel head and tang including a larger and heavy duty anvil shaped face.
  • Simpler sawzall blade mechanism - locks in both the closed and open positions.
  • Dedicated nail puller on top.
  • Relocated can opener - combined with the now-sharpened hook (and see the added 'teeth' in the area located below the hook).
  • Bottle opener (notch above the gas-valve wrench). 
  • Finger guards for safety, top and bottom.
  • Lightweight, textured handles - we're evaluating both glass filled nylon as well as aluminum - for a much better grip and balance while holding or throwing. 
  • Strap cutter upgrade - will use a 13-part perforated blade with extras stored in the handle. 

The Improved Lil Trucker

We realistically expect to start filling outstanding orders in August, with an opening production run of 100-150 handcrafted tools per week. I believe everyone will be extremely pleased with the final product and thank you for your patience. I promise very regular updates from this point forward. Please don't hesitate to email me with your comments or questions. Or call me directly, 610-574-8450,

Marvin Weinberger


  • mike fitzy from down under

    awesome news

  • Chris Raven

    I’m very excited to get my preordered unit and start using it with my CERT Training. If all tests well I’ll start recommending to the entire team.

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