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Further Lil Trucker upgrades - funded by NIFTY!

Dear patient supporters:

One of the many benefits of the partnership with NIFTY is that they are investing without reserve to ensure that the Lil Trucker we deliver is absolutely amazing - and Made in the USA. 

Consequently, they've had a team of engineers review the design from top to bottom and many improvements have been made. The changes to the most recent design of the Lil Trucker include as follows: 

  • relocated the glass breaker for easier use,
  • improved the seat-belt cutter,
  • inscribed a more comfortable contour into the handles for better gripping,
  • added a box cutter/fish gutter,
  • relocated and upgraded the can opener,
  • added a holder (with partially enclosed backing) for driving 1/4 inch drill and screw bits, 
  • created a lanyard attachment point,
  • increased the size of the sawzall-turning knob,
  • improved the blade locking mechanism. 

Most significantly, they changed the contour of the steel head/tang to reduce its weight by 25% while improving the balance.However, the resulting, less cumbersome Lil Trucker (at 1.5 pounds with glass-filled nylon handles) is still heftier than the original all-steel tool of the video (which came in at around 1.3 pounds).

I think you'll all be extremely pleased with these upgrades.

In the next two weeks we'll be seeing a (hopefully, final) set of prototypes based on these changes, If approved, the craftspeople will proceed to finalize the production tooling to be used in manufacturing. But realistically, much of what they've already done may have to be scrapped given the exhaustive nature of these modifications.

As a result, with all best efforts, the realistic completion date for the Lil Trucker is now December - with the (also much improved) Survival Companion following as a separate delivery in early 2017. 

In the meanwhile, there's another benefit of my partnership that you may wish to take advantage of. NIFTY has agreed to reduce the price of the Trucker's Friend by 25% (while supplies last). To order this best-seller at the lower price of $59.99, please go to this page.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. 


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