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Lil Trucker Update: Serious Progress

See below the near-finished mold for casting the all-steel tang and blade head for the Lil Trucker. This work is being done at Bear Valley Precision Casting in Parowan, Utah. We are days away from test shots. 

Mold for All-Steel Lil Trucker Tang and Blade
Mold for All-Steel Lil Trucker Tang and Blade

We have also finalized the design for the handle assembly for the Lil Trucker.  This upgrade is by a team of engineers Brian Hack and Dino Kasvikis from up in Boston. Their objective was to enhance  both the aesthetics as well as the ergonomics of the final product. This new design will be implemented in 30% glass-filled nylon by Selmax Corporation of Selingsgrove, PA. While Bear Valley will also be building molds for a limited-run of these handles in cast aluminum. Please let me know what you think.

Revised Lil Trucker Handle Design
Revised Lil Trucker Handle Design

We are also in final negotiations with a potential major distribution partner (and manufacturing underwriter) for the Lil Trucker. More on that soon. 

We're still looking to (late) August for production of the initial evaluation units. If you are interested to be among the first beta-testers, please email 

As always, thank you for your continuing support - and patience.

Most sincerely, 

Marvin Weinberger


  • Ron Oien

    Just a week or so ago, I visited the Carolina Port Authority to pick up a load. The LEO’s on site search the truck and had a short debate regarding weather my Trucker’s Friend were a tool or a weapon. While they both noted the sharpened hatched face, they also remarked that it said clearly “trucker’s friend” right there on the handle and therefor must be a tool. A rather comforting tool indeed. I am eager to purchase the Lil’ Trucker. The compact size and sawz-all blade will give it a different set of uses altogether.

  • Warren Sizemore

    My son and I each own truckers friends and find them very useful at the farm and on the road in our trucks. Thanks for a fine product.

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