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Production molds are finished - and a new name for the Lil Trucker!

Dear patient supporters of the Lil Trucker:

Everything is finally coming together. The production tooling for making the all-important steel tang has now been completed as have the injection molds for the glass-filled nylon handles, hub and knob. While the other components (Milwaukee sawzall blade, strap cutter, glass breaker, spring and screws) have been sourced and are available. And so, within the next two weeks, we will be ready to assemble the Lil Trucker and begin serious testing of both fit and function, using the actual production parts.

Once we make the final tweaks - and assuming no major tooling modifications – our manufacturing colleagues at NIFTY assure me that we should be on track to begin shipping completed tools in March.

Meanwhile, we have been working to come up with a new, more retail-friendly name for the Lil Trucker. As shown below, the new official name is Off Grid Survival Axe. 

The Made-in-USA Survival Axe is actually a bit beefier (while better balanced) than the original Lil Trucker design (with the extra weight in the enlarged axe head). But even with the added steel, the costs of American production have been reduced dramatically. This is because we went from a tool comprised of four (complex) cast pieces, to a single, simpler casting sandwiched between (less expensive, but strong) glass-filled nylon parts. As seen in the picture below, there have been many other improvements as well over the original design. And the Off Grid Survival Axe will be backed by a Lifetime-Replacement Guarantee. 

Many of you are also interested in the status of the Companion. The good news is that - like the Lil Trucker - this tool has also been dramatically improved; but is not quite yet in production. For those who ordered the combo, we'll of course bear the extra costs of delivering the Companion subsequent to shipping out the Survival Axe. Estimated completion of the Companion will be in May.

We're not quite there, but thanks to all of you (and my partners at NIFTY), a positive outcome is finally in sight. Thank you for keeping faith. 


Full features of the Off Grid Survival Axe


Survival Axe Improvements over the Lil Trucker

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