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Further Lil Trucker upgrades - funded by NIFTY!

Dear patient supporters: One of the many benefits of the partnership with NIFTY is that they are investing without reserve to ensure that the Lil Trucker we deliver is absolutely amazing - and Made in the USA.  Consequently, they've had a team of engineers review the design from top to bottom and many improvements have been made. The changes to the most recent design of the Lil Trucker include as follows:  relocated the glass breaker for easier use, improved the seat-belt cutter, inscribed a more comfortable contour into the handles for better gripping, added a box cutter/fish gutter, relocated and upgraded the can opener, added a holder (with partially enclosed backing) for driving 1/4 inch drill and screw bits,  created a...

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We now have a strategic partner to accelerate completion (and dramatically grow the business)!

After more than a year of logistical and financial challenges, I am extremely pleased to announce that I've entered into an exclusive partnership which will not only help to guarantee delivery of the Lil Trucker, but to provide the wherewithal to turn this passion into a real business. Nifty Home Products of Madison Lake, MN is better known for its innovative and exclusive  Keurig accessories. But the down-to-earth members of their team (see below) absolutely love the Lil Trucker and its Survival Companion (in addition to my Trucker's Friend and Handy Rescue tools). They will be bringing sales and distribution, manufacturing expertise and deep pockets to accelerate getting the products into the marketplace. Starting with doing whatever it takes to...

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Steel tang now being cast - the backbone of the Lil Trucker!

We have begun test casting of the steel tang/head of the Lil Trucker. This is the main component of the tool. See images below.  We are simultaneously creating molds (see also below) for the other parts - both for production in aluminum as well as glass-filled nylon - including the handles and the hub/knob components (for rotating and locking the Sawzall blade).  We continue to test 3D models. And while we really like the new design (see image) we've identified a number of significant tweaks that will have to be made. Mold modifications include adjustments to the can opener, nail puller, hub/knob and the strap cutter. Lil Trucker (most current design) Realistically, we won't have Lil trucker units available for...

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Lil Trucker Update: Serious Progress

See below the near-finished mold for casting the all-steel tang and blade head for the Lil Trucker. This work is being done at Bear Valley Precision Casting in Parowan, Utah. We are days away from test shots.  Mold for All-Steel Lil Trucker Tang and Blade We have also finalized the design for the handle assembly for the Lil Trucker.  This upgrade is by a team of engineers Brian Hack and Dino Kasvikis from up in Boston. Their objective was to enhance  both the aesthetics as well as the ergonomics of the final product. This new design will be implemented in 30% glass-filled nylon by Selmax Corporation of Selingsgrove, PA. While Bear Valley will also be building molds for a limited-run...

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Lil Trucker - We Are Finally Cutting Steel!

At last, we are cutting the mold for steel-casting the head and tang of the Lil Trucker. See photo below. Jared Meibos, President of Bear Valley (Parowan, UT) hopes to finish the multi-cavity mold and begin injecting waxes within 10 days. We are still on track to begin shipping finished products (at the rate of 100-150/week) by late August.  Investment Casting Mold for Lil Trucker Meanwhile, we have formally contracted with Selmax Corporation (Selinsgrove, PA) to provide the textured handle grips as well as the hub/knob assembly (for controlling the Sawzall blade). These parts will be made of 30% glass-filled nylon, which is an extremely durable material. The resulting Lil Trucker will be lighter, better balanced and easier to grip...

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