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We now have a strategic partner to accelerate completion (and dramatically grow the business)!

After more than a year of logistical and financial challenges, I am extremely pleased to announce that I've entered into an exclusive partnership which will not only help to guarantee delivery of the Lil Trucker, but to provide the wherewithal to turn this passion into a real business.

Nifty Home Products of Madison Lake, MN is better known for its innovative and exclusive  Keurig accessories. But the down-to-earth members of their team (see below) absolutely love the Lil Trucker and its Survival Companion (in addition to my Trucker's Friend and Handy Rescue tools). They will be bringing sales and distribution, manufacturing expertise and deep pockets to accelerate getting the products into the marketplace. Starting with doing whatever it takes to expedite delivery to you, my oh-so-patient supporters. 

The Nifty Team
The Nifty Team

NIfty will be funding Bear Valley Casting (the steel tang) and Selmax (the glass-filled nylon handles) to make the Lil Truckers as quickly as possible. Deliveries won't commence until October, but at that point the volume of production should be much higher than the 50 units/week we had originally anticipated.  Most importantly, they are committed to continuing to make the premium Lil Trucker in the USA. 

The Survival Companion (which many of you also ordered) will take a bit longer - as we are dramatically improving the product with additional features. Nifty will be producing this accessory overseas (as was my disclosed plan from a few months back). Nifty also hopes to produce a much simpler variant of the Lil Trucker for 'big box' distribution - where this tool is ultimately manufactured will be a function of cost and guaranteed quality. 

Of course, I'll still be here, and responsible. And frankly, I'm hoping that you'll all be blown away by the quality of both the Lil Trucker and the Companion.

We could have done it without this partnership (my wife and I had already mortgaged our home and even borrowed against a small inheritance to keep the project going) but now we can accomplish so much more and more quickly. 

I very much look forward to your feedback about this news.



    • tom

      as a fellow small business owner my heart felt congratulation go out to you on your new partnership. follow your dream with love and passion while all the rest takes care of itself.

    • Mike

      I am very pleased to hear this project has managed to stay alive. After such a long wiat, I have been a bit on pins and needles and anticipation of getting my Lil Trucker has grown over time. I sincerely hope the final product will retain all of the promised functionality and quality. Thank you for the update.

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