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Survival Cache Reviews the Trucker's Friend™

Survival Cache Reviews the Trucker's Friend™

Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to, reviewed the Trucker's Friend™. See what he has to say:

How else can the Trucker’s Friend be used?  Imagine its multiple uses around a Bug-Out base camp either a fixed location on rural property or even out in the wilderness somewhere.  Add to the task list, clearing a camp area for tent set up, hammering tent stakes, chopping small limb firewood and kindling wood, clearing trekking lanes or shooting lanes, nailing together a lean-to, lashing wire around post ends for structures, prying up rocks for the fire ring, harvesting edible plants, heavy bone and joint cutting on harvested game, and many other things.  I suspect, as well, the Trucker’s Friend could be used to bust a zombie’s brain or any other unwanted guest in camp for that matter.

Read the full article at Survival Cache.

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