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The Trucker's Friend™ Featured on Ammoland

The Trucker's Friend™ Featured on Ammoland

The guys over at Ammoland reviewed the Trucker's Friend™. See what they had to say:

I recently got my hands on a new type of hand axe; the Trucker’s Friend. This axe was designed with the professional truck driver in mind.

It has a rounded chopping blade that very effectively splits wood. There is a pry-bar on the top of the axe head. A hammer head with nail puller is at the back of the axe head. There is also a hook on the head to help the trucker or bus driver with the task of fitting chains onto their vehicle tires. I really like the balance and the life time guarantee. You can do a lot of chopping and pounding with the Trucker’s Friend and if you somehow manage to break it, they will replace it no questions asked.

Read the full article at Ammoland.

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