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Dude I Want That...The Trucker's Friend™

Dude I Want That...The Trucker's Friend™ featured the Trucker's Friend™:
I think it would be very uncomfortable to get axed in the head with this Trucker's Friend. I guess that's why they picked a zombie to play the receiving end of the axing-someone-in-the-head demonstration. So no one would feel too bad about how uncomfortable it must be for him. On a brighter note, you can also use the Trucker's Friend all-purpose tool to pry nails from your Grill MasterBroquet, or to prune tree branches into beautiful unicorn topiaries. As the name implies, Trucker's Friends were originally developed to assist professional truck drivers during predicaments whose solutions required a curved axe, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, or lever emanating from a shock-absorbing fiberglass handle. They have since gained popularity with fire and rescue workers, outdoorsmen and survivalists, plus rational-thinking realists wise enough to arm themselves for World War Z.
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