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InsideHook Features the Trucker's Friend™

InsideHook Features the Trucker's Friend™

The Trucker's Friend™  was featured in InsideHook's "That'll Hunt," a series that recommends the best tool, gadget or sundry for the job.
It's wood-chopping season. And yes, wood-chopping season is a thing. But as we looked about for a new axe this year, we realized: these days, there are entirely too many options out there. So we called in the most widely recommended tree fellers and had our intern Duck test them out on our Manhattan rooftop. Yes, our neighbors love us. Our findings follow: For Multi-tasking: The Trucker's Friend™ More of an all-purpose tool, the TF is a pry bar, hammer, tire chain hook ice chipper ... and an axe. Good for emergencies and kindling. Secondary use: “Aggressive self-defense.” Their words. Not ours.
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