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Rating the Weapons of The Walking Dead

With the finale of the Walking Dead in sight, fans of the show have seen pretty much every which way to kill a zombie and then some. In honor of the show's fourth season wrap-up, we have decided to run down rate some of the show's choice weapons. Share your favorite zombie kills and weapon choices in the comments. 1. Daryl's Crossbow: Not only is Daryl a master of the Crossbow (think Katniss), but he also has managed to take some seriously good care of this life-saving tool. When does he not have this in tow? Pros: Daryl can reuse each and every arrow, making it a consistently reliable tool. Plus, the emotionally detached, brooding man has lost pretty much everyone,...

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Who gets sacrificed?

Q. If you had to sacrifice someone so the rest can get away it would be fattest person nearby, right? A. If I had to sacrifice a group member, I wouldn't necessarily base my decision on weight. I'd have to look at the situation and decide who was the least valuable to the group. That being said, I'm not a big fan of the sacrifice play. It's dramatic and makes for compelling storytelling, but it's not a good plan in the long term. First, such a move is horrible for morale. When you're dealing with a world turned upside down, the only people a group of survivors will have to rely is each other. If you start using each other...

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Would the blood of a zombie repell other zombies?

Zombie blood wouldn't be likely to repel other zombies, but it could serve to mask your odor, causing the other zombies to pass you by as they look for their next meal. This is the case in both The Walking Dead television program and graphic novel. In the first season, Rick and Glenn famously covered themselves in all sorts of zombie viscera to walk undetected among the zombies. Michonne's "pets," the armless and jawless zombies she kept with her, also served to camouflage her. Hiding in plain sight, she was able to move through the zombie wastelands. That being said, zombie blood itself would be full of infectious pathogens and would need to be handled with extreme caution. It would...

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Do zombies freeze?

Q. I've noticed that they never have any zombie movies or games that take place during the winter. Why is that? This scene from the movie "Dead Snow" shows a group of Nazi zombies able to move in the snow of Norway.[/caption] A. Actually, the movie Dead Snow takes place during "spring break" but is set in Norway, so it might as well have been in winter. Of course, there is some debate as to whether the creatures in that film are actually zombies, since they have retained their human intelligence after returning from the dead. Given this exception (and a scant few others) it is true that most zombie movies are not set in the winter. Most of George...

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