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Lil Trucker™ Companion
Lil Trucker™ Companion - Innovation Factory - 2

Lil Trucker™ Companion
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When the goin' gets tough out in the wilds, this is the tool you'll want by your side.  Use the tungsten carbide 'v' sharpener to maintain the blade on a knife or axe so you can build, chop and hunt.  Replaceable magnesium and ferrocerium rods provide tinder and spark which will burn at over 3000° to keep you warm and safe.  The emergency whistle belts out a huge 133 decibels of sonic power, alerting help to your position.  This sharpener, fire starter and whistle combo is the tool that can keep you in the game should things go wrong outdoors.  You won't want to leave home without it.  Comes with lanyard and striker.