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Trucker's Friend Reviews - Outdoors

I love this thing
By Jason Merrifield
I love this thing. The tools do work. I have actually split logs(2-3 inches) with it. And for the Zpocolipse this is the tool.


I would recomend this tool.
By Wilford C. Mangold
Appears to be well made, and will be a good additional to camping and survival situations, also ordered the leather cover and strap which will help with carry and storage. Going to get another to keep in My Jeep for off road kit.


Wonderful Tool!
By Brandon
I have 3 of these, one in each vehicle and one for around the house. I have used it out in the woods, at the campsite, I've even used it to tear apart a car to get it ready for the demolition derby. This thing takes all the abuse you can throw at it. The ones in the car are getting just a slight bit of rust on them, but they also are exposed to temp changes and such ( one in a trunk, the other in a truck-box ) but a little scrub with some scotchbrite and a spray with some silicone and they looked good as new. I've missed my target and hit with the handle many times and not had it crack or break. You do get a work out using if for extended periods, but it's to be expected. This is a great Made in the USA item and great for any outdoorsman.


Super cool tool
By Samuel D. Self
I love this thing.I used it to demolition my kitchen and it was awesome. I take it camping with me and it's one of my go-to tools. It took a bit to get the blade sharpened but it's durable as hell.


The Camper's Friend, too!
By twowings19
When making your essential emergency car kit or a basic camping kit a hatchet/hammer combo must be included, especially if it incorporates an axe, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, and lever into a single, well made and rugged body. When you put all those together you have the Trucker's Friend, a 21-inch combo-tool made by Innovation Factory. It is easy to use and sooo versatile. I love it and it has replaced three other tools in our camping kit. I think we will get more, one for each of our vehicles, too.