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Trucker's Friend Reviews - Rescue

Outstanding tool for Search-and-Rescue, or for the home-owner
By Tom Beardmore
The Trucker's Friend (aka the Handy/Rescue Tool) came to my attention following the May 2011 tornado in Joplin. I served as a search-and-rescue volunteer following the tornado that devastated the city. Search-and-Rescue (SAR) teams are self-equipped, and need to carry appropriate supplies, gear and tools for the mission. Weight and efficiency are big considerations. The Trucker's Friend is an ideal tool because it does so much, and conserves weight by not having to carry several tools. The Trucker's Friend is a versatile, lightweight and affordable tool.

Even if you are not part of a SAR team, this is a tool that any home-owner or construction worker would appreciate.


Five Stars
By Robert G.
Great tool to have with you in structural firefighting.


More practical than I expected
By Michael Barnetton 
Besides looking like you are totally ready to kill you some zombies, this tool is actually quite well made, and is a good addition to your trunk (especially if you lock yourself in hiding from zombies). It's not quite as big or menacing in real life as it is in pictures, but I'm putting them in each of our cars, as they could come in handy if stranded during a storm, having to bend/cut sheet metal after a minor accident, a rescue tool if you come upon an accident, or a heck of a handy item for the apocalypse.


great tool
By martin j bangart
as a career firefighter, this trucker's axe works great inside any structure fire. it is not to heavy to wear you out and at the same time has enough weight to do the job