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Blizzard Survival Kit - Innovation Factory

Blizzard Survival Kit
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$ 16.95

You’re caught in your vehicle during a terrible snow storm and suddenly you get stuck or have a breakdown. Rescue could be hours away. How do you survive the cold? How do you alert others to your plight?

The answer to your prayers in this situation is the unique Blizzard Survival Kit. Entirely USA MADE, the kit includes everything that one person requires to survive even an overnight stranded in your car or truck.

Contents include 2 hand warmers, a body warmer (that you can put inside of your jacket) and a thermal reflective blanket (to wrap yourself in) to help keep you warm; a dual-tone emergency whistle and large SOS distress flag to help alert rescuers; an 8 hour light stick and even a 400 calorie emergency food bar (U.S. Coast Guard approved), all packed in a resealable storage bag.

This is in addition to highly detailed instructions (including a special exercise program) for helping you to survive in your vehicle until help arrives.