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Since 2001, we've been putting powerful, innovative solutions into the hands of people that need them.  Whether it is a multi-purpose utility tool, search-and-rescue tool, or snow-removal tool, our products help people get the job done quickly and effectively and help them be prepared for whatever comes their way.

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We now have a strategic partner to accelerate completion (and dramatically grow the business)!

After more than a year of logistical and financial challenges, I am extremely pleased to announce that I've entered into...

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Steel tang now being cast - the backbone of the Lil Trucker!

We have begun test casting of the steel tang/head of the Lil Trucker. This is the main component of the...

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Lil Trucker Update: Serious Progress

See below the near-finished mold for casting the all-steel tang and blade head for the Lil Trucker. This work is...

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